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Atlanta, Georgia Salvation Army Family Energency Services

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Throughout the world The Salvation Army has become well known for its readiness to give emergency family and personal assistance quickly and compassionately. 

Each day throughout Metro Atlanta, The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services Centers provide emergency and life-sustaining assistance with food, clothing, rent/mortgage, utilities, school supplies and furniture to individuals and families facing a financial crisis.

In addition to the above-mentioned relief efforts, through Project SHARE, a program sponsored by Georgia Power, The Salvation Army Family Services Centers provide emergency assistance to thousands of area families facing utility turn-off.  And,The Salvation Army's Project Hope assists individuals and families in Georgia who have been overwhelmed by illness, a house fire, a layoff, or any other verifiable catastrophic event.

If you are currently facing a personal or financial crisis, you may schedule and appointment at your nearest Salvation Army Family Emergency Services Center or call 211* for a list of other Metro Area resources.

 *211 is a toll-free, 24-hour, referral line hosted by the United Way of Metro Atlanta.

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nickie stone   in reply to I need help×3
Try craigslist churches schools fire and police dept also I used to have a home 2yrs ago when they cut gas off we borrowed electric plug in burnets to cook or little camping stove to eat for heat we borrowed electric heaters and eventually someone gave us kerosene heater god bless hppe this helps
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I need help×3
My name is kyra cruz I have two daughters I lost my job and I fell behind in bills.. my gas will be turn off on Dec6th. And we will be homeless by the 15th if anyone could help cruz.kyra @ho
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kim Lee
I.need help paying my rent
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I need help in paying my property taxes
Kanya Vashon McGhee
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